Amalgamation Blend

Our amalgamation blend is extravagantly handcrafted by drop using our elaborate formula and extremely precise calculations. This special composite contains 19 different types of 100% pure organic oils, made from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Amalgamation means combined from different parts. We call our intricate mixture the Amalgamation Blend pursuant to the constituents deriving from 6/7ths of the world’s continents (with the exclusion of Antarctica).

(see delineated list below)

*Our product is NOT a health supplement

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

-Southern California

-Southern Arizona


Passion Fruit (Maracuja)


Baobab (Adansonia)

-(South) Africa

Guava Seed (Psidium guajava L

-Dominican Republic

Hazelnut Oil (Corylus avellana)


Camellia/Tea Seed (Camellia sinensis)


Red Raspberry Seed (Rubus Idaeus)

-Pacific Northwest (USA)

Black Seed/Cumin (Nigella sativa)

-South (&Southwest) Asia

-Middle East

Rosehip Oil

-Southern Andes (South America)

-South Africa


Calendula Extract (Caléndula)

-Southwestern Asia, Western Europe, Mediterranean 

St. John's Wort Extract (Hypericum perforatum)

-Europe, Canada

Omega 3 Oil

-Ocean, Sea

Omega 6 Oil

-Ocean, Sea

Evening Primrose (Oenothera)

-North and South America

Emu Oil (Dromaius novaehollandiae)


Argan (Argania spinosa L.)


Sweet Almond Oil (Amygdalus dulcis)

-Middle East, South Asia

Soy Bean Protein 

Aloe Vera Extract (A. Vera)