Our genus system

Our system is a tool that we’ve created to classify scents giving clients and customers an entirely different way to shop and experience fragrance.  Understanding that different fragrances are more effective when applied to particular occasions and venues, and realizing the constant need to access and assess information quickly to make decisions in our swiftly paced, technology thriving society, we’ve engineered a mechanism not only to ensure that you can quickly find what you need, but you can also make informed decisions when picking out a new fragrance to add to your opulent montage.  No more doing the work that implemented systems can do for you. Our genus system has 3 classifications to suit more than 90% of occasions for the 21st century: {Formal} Business Professional (Office, Galas, Weddings), {Business} Insouciant/Casual (Business Lunch Meetings, Country Club), and Metropolitan (Daytime engagement parties, Night social events & gatherings). Our system is made for you, the customer, the reason our business breathes. With that being mentioned feel free to extend your suggestions on ways that we could improve via email.