How it works

Starting a business in different places in the world can take anywhere from 10 to 130 days. The cost, an upwards of $2000. The product or service, which is one of the most important parts of a business, you have to engineer. If you’re reading this, then at this very moment, you and starting your own business, or adding a venture or another product to your business, are literally and factually a matter of a few clicks and keystrokes away. By signing up and becoming a Gold Leaf Distribution Member, you will have the opportunity to distribute Gold Leaf products through your own channels that you create, putting you in the captain’s seat, and giving you the control over your own ship; profits. You correspondingly have the opportunity to move up through our 9-level position system. Members move up through completing an array of specific promotions that are charted out in list below for reference at any time (chart below).  For only an initial payment of $50, and a recurring monthly payment of $30 (at which you can cancel anytime via email) you’ll have access to an optimized interface website also designed for mobile and tablet functionality, access to the distribution segment of the website, you will receive your own personalized 7-digit level code via email, which allows you to order at your corresponding level, a high-end luxury product that’s already developed, packaged, and can be shipped 6 days out of the week, and not all but lastly for this editorial, once you become an R3 (Regional Sales Manager), you’ll have the opportunity to start  your own branch, which is very similar to starting your own team of monster sellers. One important reason you want monster sellers is because as the branch head (meaning that you signed them up) you make 10% off of what each member of your branch purchases every month. Once you level-up to a G3 (Director of National Sales), you make 12%, and then once to a G1 (Divisional Vice President), which is the highest level, you make an outstanding 15%. Gold Leaf was made for You. This, could be the start to new future, and the beginnings of you taking your overall business to the next stratosphere. This is the edge you’ve been searching for. Try not to wait to long, your Empire is waiting.

Level/Position system




Branch diagram

The green boxes indicate the members that the branch head signed up to show what members they would make a purchase commission off of, and the boxes with the red x's indicate that members that the branch head did not sign up, which means the branch head cannot collect any commission based off of what they buy.

Branch Diagram