Marbles of entreprenuership


Spare time.  Initially, you’ll more than likely work longer hours for less pay.  But if you do it right, you’ll start on the road to mastering your own schedule and the freedom that being an entrepreneur with a mastered schedule is able to provide.

Pride. When you construct and build something successful, it’s a great feeling. You had a vision and took the necessary steps to bringing this vision into reality.

Endowing. If you own your own business, you can bequeath the business to you children, business partners, or whomever you see fit to pass down the ownership of your business to. And be proud of it, because you created it.

Ease. With Gold Leaf, its as easy as 1-2-3. Make the decision to be your own boss today, sign up, fill out our member information form, buy membership, and in the same day, you will be YOUR OWN BOSS.

Price. The start-up business price varies from country to country but becoming a distributor with Gold Leaf, you only have to pay a one-time $50 expense for initial membership, and every subsequent month you’re a distributer you only have to expend (pay) $30 to be a part of an exclusive member club, be your own boss, have full access to website (complete with you own individual Level code, allotting prices that your level provides) 




Job security. Have you ever been laid off, downsized, or fired?  With entrepreneurship the security rests in the fact you are your own boss. You have possession of the reigns, therefore no entity telling you when to go.

Networking. Entrepreneurs are communal organisms.  We love to meet each other, exchange narratives, and learn from each other’s experiences. Your circle of friends and acquaintances always expands when you start your own business, as many founders need and utilize the strength of others close to their kind; Business owners.

In Control. You are the master of your own ship, and the captain of your own business. YOU control where your company profits go and if you choose. You as an entrepreneur have the choice to allocate your financial gains to others, sponsor charities & non-profit organizations or just personally give back to the community.  This is has to be the best aspect of being a business owner.

Experience. We, as humanoids, love fresh experiences but rarely can you experience a host of new things from inside your cubicle. This all dramatically changes when you are in control of the lights and running the show. Becoming an entrepreneur will ensure you’ll always be facing new challenges and experiencing different people.

Mentorship/Training. Learning from the masters gives you more than just an edge, it’s more on the line of getting not just an edge but a sword also. On the reversal, getting to help those less experienced than you is always an honor, pleasure, and gives you a sense of great satisfaction.

Becoming an expert. This point works directly in conjunction with mentorship.  Notwithstanding what you do as a business owner, press on and stay with your ship, you’ll undoubtedly become very good at it. 

Skills. While developing new abilities can be tough and takes times, it can pay off in with the spades.  These dexterities will be invaluable throughout your life, more than you can ever anticipate.

Financial independence. However you define financial liberation (retirement accumulation, unlimited cash potential or having the resources to purchase what is that you aspire to obtain) entrepreneurship allow you to achieve it. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does make the road to finding happiness much more palatable and bearable.

Reinvention. Recreate yourself with every customer, challenge, and game-plan strategy for your business. Remember: YOU are the business.

Change the world. With the world being in the particular state that it’s in, we need leaders to step up and make a difference. But, behind this powerful sound called the human voice, one must have resources behind it to be heard, therefore as it’s amplification.

Your reason. We’ve given you a list of why we think you should get into business. Whether you join Gold Leaf or not, the most important matter is that find your reason to start a business. So, what is it?